Thursday, December 4, 2008

Start A Direct Sales Business Now To Make Extra Holiday Cash

Getting ready for the holidays involves decorating, cleaning, cooking and, of course, purchasing gifts. Nearly all holiday preparations cost money, and for those who just make enough to take care of their monthly bills and responsibilities, this can be a serious struggle. When searching for ways to take care of the holiday bills, starting a direct sales business is a great tactic to earn extra money.

The first step to getting started in direct sales is choosing a company to represent. When most people think about direct sales companies, names like Mary Kay, Avon and Tupperware come to mind. While these companies are well-known and popular choices, there are hundreds of companies offering direct sales programs. Do some research to find one that best suits your interests.

When you join a direct sales company, there will be some fee involved. The company will provide you with a startup kit, product samples, as well as materials such as catalogs and order forms to help you get your business started.

Direct sales companies work by paying their salespeople a commission on all items sold. This is quite different than actually being a company employee, as those who work for retailers are generally paid a salary, as well as a commission. With direct sales, the commission rate is substantially higher, but you will only earn money if you are making sales.

There are various different approaches that can be taken when selling products for a direct sales company. One of the most popular ways to generate sales and cash flow is by setting up home parties.
These parties are usually hosted in the home of a customer. They will handle the invitations, refreshments and party plans and you will come in to demonstrate the products that you are selling and to take orders. Usually the host is offered a discount or free gifts for hosting the party and additional bonuses, depending on the amount that is sold at their event.

Some companies allow their representatives to have a company website. In some cases, these may be free or they may have a low monthly cost. These allow your current customers to reorder product, as well as help you develop an online presence for your business.

Direct sales companies allow people to quickly and easily start a home business.

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