Friday, June 20, 2008

Pastels - luminosity or blending Part II

I wrote a little while ago about learning two new techniques with pastels. One instructor argued for the luminous approach. What this means is to make the object your are painting appear to be lit from behind. Basically you let some of the background peak through. The other instuctor argued for the blended approach. Take your finger and blend the colours onto the paper.

In that post I stated that I felt I was more of a blender, always have been and always will be.

I'd like to show you my first finished piece. I think I have successfully combined both techniques. I really like the more luminous approach for the hair and the more blended techique for the face.

Take a look and tell me what you think.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Etsy Blog Carnival - June 23rd Success

Define success. It's all relative isn't it? Success can be defined in so many different ways. The topic this time is how do I define success with regard to my Etsy shop. What does it mean to me? When will I sit back, put my feet up and quaff a diet root beer, sign and say "here I am.", "I made it.", "I've climbed that mountain."

Success is survival.

The day may come when I'll need to rely on the earnings from my little shop to help pay the rent, buy the groceries, pay my health bills. When that day comes defining what success means to me will be real easy. Success will mean I can pay the rent, buy the groceries and my prescriptions and have maybe a little over.

Success is warm fuzzies.

When someone buys something I've made and tells me how much they love it, no contest, I know I'm there. I made it. I'm on top of the mountain. To think that someone who was a stranger, really liked something made with my hands, took it and made it a part of their home - WOW!!!

Success means popularity.

When someone mentions my name and someone else says, "oh yes, I know them. I love their stuff!". That makes my day twirl!


Success is about winning but it is also about sharing. Sharing knowledge, crafts, advice. Success is not only about gaining dollars but also gaining friends all over the world with people who share a love of art and crafting. It's about helping someone find something useful or needful or desirable to give or decorate their home. It is about money and survival but it's also about bringing a little light into an often very dark old world.

Perhaps that last one is what keeps me going on right up until tha last lifelight fades from both my eyes.

Etsy Bloggers - Featured Blogger of the Month Alicia Mae

June is just flipping by way too fast! It's been a crazy one for me. I've had pain management issues too which does not help. So with appologies to my fellow bloggers and to Alicia Mae especially, here is my feature for the Etsy Blogger of the Month.

Please familiarize yourself with our featured Etsy Blogger of the Month. Alicia Mae's Blog can be found here: . Alicia Mae is also on MySpace

She is planning a move in July and would like to clear out her inventory and stash prior to her move. If you're a crafter or know crafters you know how deep a stash can get and how many truckloads needed to haul all that stuff to a new location. So if you can please visit her Etsy shop or her web site and take advantage of her moving day sales. Hurry!

She says,

Woodburning was passed down to me from my Mom and I have always had an affinity for paint. Cross stitching was a hobby when I was a teenager and bracelet weaving was a summer camp hobby that brings back nostalgic memories. I used to play with polymer clay and always enjoyed the miniatures my aunt made for herself. Given that information, I have about 20 years experience in making these items, but am constantly expanding my horizons. :)

Visit her at and too!

Buy Handmade

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Carnival for June 9/08 - My Studio

Oh, I dream of it every day. My own studio space dedicated only to my studio with custom built storage cupboards and room to set up my easel(s) and leave my stuff out while I complete a project. Then I wake up. I take a look around and shudder.

My studio is currently squished into my bed/sitting room. I have a wooden tv table and one of those 'seen on tv trays'. I have a couple of boxes to hold my paper and a couple of plastic bins with drawers to hold my supplies.

I designed a neat little tray for my coloured pencils and markers. I took one of the cardboard trays that softdrink cans come in. Next I took the tubes from toilet paper and paper towels. The paper towel tubes I cut in thirds and the t.p. ones I cut in half. Next, I used tacky glue to glue the first row of tubes to the cardboard tray and to each other. Repeated this row after row until tray was full.

This neat little invention holds my pencils and markers all divided up into colors making a perfect palette from which to select the one I need.

One day maybe I'll have a space with lots of bright clear sunshine, lots of room ... one day