Monday, December 29, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Blog Carnival for January 5, 2009

CPSIA Law of 2008

This is my first blog carnival for 2009. It is appropriate that as the new year brings change my first blog should be about some big changes coming in 2009 for crafters and vendors of goods for children under the age of 12. These changes are legislated under the  CPSIA Law of 2008 (USA).

The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) was penned in response to the breach of consumer trust by the large toy manufacturers who contracted with Chinese firms to manufacture their toys. As many of us on both sides of the USA/Canada border are aware many of those toys contained toxic chemicals.  The new law stipulates mandatory third party testing for products intended for use by children under the age of 12 to determine if these items contain toxic chemicals.

The new law comes into effect February 10, 2009. Toy manufacturer Rick Woldenberg, President/CEO of Learning Resources, named this day the  National Bankruptcy Day.  He was referring to the thousands of dollars to be spent on third party testing. For many small toy companies in the USA, Canada and Europe, crafters and artists, the cost of this testing will be prohibitive leaving them with no choice but to close their doors.

This mandatory testing does not only apply to toys. It applies to all products marketed or which could be perceived as being marketed for the use of children under 12 years of age. It applies equally to toys, clothes, books, furniture, art and craft supplies, shoes, hair and jewellry accessories, glasses, and many more items. is an online venue for crafters, artists and artisans to sell their goods. Many of these items are or might be perceived to be for the use of children younger than 12. Many of these products are unique, one of a kind items. The shopkeepers in question are too small to be able to absorb the cost of having each of their items tested.

This will affect crafters in the USA, Canada, Europe and elsewhere who sell to consumers in the USA from venues like

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Pamela Kramer said...

Thank you for spreading the word to your readers.

joeyandaleethea said...

Wonderful post, well said. Thank you so much for choosing this as your blog carnival topic. It's so important that we keep talking and writing about this CPSIA issue.

storybeader said...

this is a horrible outcome to a stupid business decision. What is the Congress thinking !?! They're reprimanding the wrong people! I feel so bad for my Etsy partners who are being hurt by this action!

Andrea said...

Hopefully all our voices will be heard and this law will be changed before all these small businesses will have to close their doors!

maryeb said...

Great post. Thanks for adding your voice on this important issue.