Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Make it a Green Christmas

As more and more people are becoming environmentally conscious, many families will be looking forward to a “green” holiday. Now, this doesn’t refer to how much snow is on the ground, it refers to how environmentally friendly your holiday is. The following are some tips on how to have a green holiday:

Use LED Lights:

If you like to decorate with lights, consider switching to LED lights. These lights use less energy and will save you money, too!

Buy Rechargeable Batteries:

If you have children, there will most likely be quite a few presents under your tree that require batteries. Rechargeable batteries are a “green” choice because you can use them several times before they lose their effectiveness. Again, this is a cost that can be offset by the fact that you will be spending less over the long run.

Reuse Old Cards:

Do you still have some Christmas cards from last year in storage? Put them to good use by cutting out the picture part and using them as gift tags for this year’s gifts. You can also use them as scrapbook embellishments and in craft projects with the kids.

Serve Local Food:

If possible, create a holiday dinner from food that is found locally to you. This is a “green” choice because the food you are eating doesn’t have to be transported over a long distance, which saves on gas and other transportation costs. Plus, your food will be fresh and you’ll be supporting your local economy.

Make Your Own Gift Wrap: Instead of buying gift wrap from the store, make your own by using the newspapers and magazines you have laying around the house.

Give Handmade Gifts:

Handmade items contain much less packaging than mass manufactured items. This means that there will be less waste going to the landfills! If you do not have the skills or the time to make the gifts yourself, you can buy handmade items at local craft fairs and through online marketplaces such as http://www.etsy.com/

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