Monday, April 28, 2008

I saw a birdy up a tree... Etsy Bloggers Team Blog Carnival for April 28, 2008

There's something about spring that brings out the poet in me. I don't know what it is but if we could bottle it what an interesting planet this would be?

Long, long ago in a place not very far away I wrote poetry, reams and reams of it, on a daily basis. It sprang from my pen like a live thing. In fact at one time I thught of publishing my poems. I did do a little chap book to give to friends and family. Some friends! Some Family! Not one copy remains of that book today!!! For my excuse, we had a few sewer back ups that flooded our family room. There's something about wading around knee deep in fecal sludgewaters that kind of makes you toss everything floating in it into a trash bag (no literary critique inteneded).

I also had one poem published in a professional magazine. What a thrill! No money. I thrilled easily in those days.

I took a poetry class one summer while still at university. The professor was amazing. He made medieval poetry come alive and have meaning for us. He showed us how to find the passion, the flavor in the poetry. The class was filled with teachers and student teachers.

I especially remember one personal story he shared with us that summer. He was blind and listened to the sound of shoes worn by his students as they entered and left the classes. He talked about the thickness and sturdiness of shoes always being worn by those who were well grounded in life and the flimsy, fragile soles of the shoes worn by those with a more fragile soul (pun intended). He recalled for us a time when he sadly, had to help out in a case where a student had committed suicide. He said it struck him then, as he picked up the shoe worn by that student. The sole of her shoe was paper thin with only the thinnest of straps supporting the foot. As he told us this story he held his hand and looked down as if he were seeing the shoe there.

Now, thirty-um some years later, I haven't forgotten. I wear flip flops now because my feet are so painful I can't bear anything touching them. But I wear flip flops with a thin strap supporting my feet. At least, the sole of the floppies are thick.

I think of all the poems I've read or written, this line from Robert Frost's poem, Stopping by a woods on a snowy evening plays continually through my life ...

...and miles to go before I sleep

...and miles to go before I sleep.

Make this week a good one. Remember to tell someone you love, that you do. Before it is too late.

Friday, April 18, 2008

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Treasury West is up and I got one!

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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsians on Review - Invoke Photography

This is the second in my series Etsians on Review. I would like to introduce you to Invoke Photography. Invoke Photography is the shop belonging to one of Southhampton Creations' two daughters.

Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Invoke graduated from the University of Guelph. Travelling to Japan she learned to express her thoughts and feelings through the lens.

Her first exhibition, Japanese Soul, premiered in Tokyo in 2001 to rave reviews. It embodied the traditions of spiritualism and the aesthetic that is Japanese. The exhibit has shown in Toronto, Windsor, Cambridge, Ontario and Vancouver, B.C.

She has won a number of awards including, first prize in the Leamington Art Center's Anything's Possible photo contest and the Editor's Choice Award from The International Society of Photographers. Two of her photographs were chosen to be published in a book called "Endless Journeys".

Of her work, this is what she has to say,

Life stands still when I look through my lens; it is a form of meditation for me. Photography is my way of celebrating the beauty I see in the world and allows me to capture it moment by moment. I feel that my images speak where words fail me. I take pictures that move and inspire me… I hope they invoke as deep a response in my viewers as they did in me when I captured them.

Her work does indeed invoke a deep response in the viewer. I find many of her photos stir within me a sense of peace, of stillness of the calm beauty that surrounds us. As a Reiki master, I meditate daily. Any of these images could serve as a place to go when I go within to seek the healing pool of calm that is the centre of this universe.

Do please visit Invoke Photography on Etsy. You will not be disappointed.

Visit Invoke Photography  on Etsy

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Etsyblogger's Featured Blogger of the Month - Stormy Designs

Stormy Designs is a polymer clay artist who creates stunning jewelry, art, and home decor items.

Check out her shop on Etsy - .

The following link goes to a rather whimsical "I love dogs" charm in her Etsy shop. Too cute!

Stormy Designs comes from a family of artists. She lives in Virginia with her dog and two ferrets. She has three grown daughters and eight wonderful grandchildren. WoW!

A friend from Australia 'pushed' her into trying polymer clay and she hasn't looked back since. Starting in April 2007 Stormy creates unique one of a kind items for you to enjoy.

Her art shows her love of life and are imbued with a delightful touch of whimsy.

Do check out her Etsy shop, website and blog. You'll be very glad you did.

Stormy Designs on Etsy

Stormy Designs web


Stormy Designs Blog

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