Friday, August 22, 2008

Etsy Bloggers Team Blog Carnival for September 1, 2008 - Labour Day Weekend

Whether going to school or while out in the 9 to 5 workforce, I loved Labour Day Weekend! In fact, I always looked forward to the 3 biggies in Canada - Canada Day (c. July 1st), Civic Holiday (c. August 1st) and Labour or Labor Day (c. Sept. 1st). These are the 3 long weekends of summer. I'd always try to add an extra day or two on either side of the long weekend to stretch out my vacation days.

Where I worked, it was possible to add a few extra hours to our work days in advance of the long weekend - just enough to enable us to leave work a half day early. This was to help us get outta town before the traffic rush - especially appreciated by those trying to get out of metro Toronto and its environs.

I remember booking my last vacation just shortly after the Labour Day Weekend. We were all pretty sure it would be our last vacation as a whole family unit. Mom was dying and we knew there would not be another chance. I was the last holdout, still hoping that we could keep our plans. Sadly, it was not to be. Mom died in August.

Oddly enough it was my last Labour Day weekend working a 9 to 5 but that is another story for another day.

I'd love to put together a picnic lunch, pack Sally into her 'carry-me' and head out to a roadside park. Bring the camera and take some photos. Maybe bring a good book. There's a Nora Roberts that I am hoping to read. Snooze in the shade. Maybe do some 'plein aire' sketches.

At the very least, maybe I'll just take a little walk. Spend a few minutes in the sun.

I'm planning a picnic lunch anyway wherever we eat it! Here's the menu:

potato salad
cabbage salad with walnuts and apples
cold meat
sponge cake with jello (if the day isn't too humid)
bake a songe cake and let cool in the pan; make a jello with 1/4 cup less water to which you add whatever fruit - fresh or canned that you have on hand; pour the jello mix into the cake pan (you've left 1/2 the pan for this); let jello set; serve with cool whip -Yumm!!!

Whatever you do, take a break, give the ones you love an extra hug, play a little -- ENJOY!!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Featured Etsy Blogger of the Month for August 2008 -- TuLips Talking!

Congratulations to TuLips Talking, this month's featured Etsy Blogger. I have not had the pleasure of chatting with TuLips but anywhere you see the Etsy Bloggers Team, you'll find her. She's always showing her support, offering kind words, asking helpful questions, posting some humor, and just being such a huge part of our team.

I surfed on over to her blog and was delighted by her beautiful jewellry designs. I also empathized with her as I read her post regarding her pet's gift! Surf on over and read all about it for yourself!

When you are all done surf over to her shop on Etsy. Don't drool too long -- you'll get your keyboard wet! Just grab that mouse and click on 'add to cart'.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Etsy Bloggers !st Anniversary Sale

For 5 days only -- until the 17th of August 2008 - participating members of the Etsy Bloggers Team are celebrating the event with a sale. For a list of participating shops please follow this link:

Items in my shop are all reduced by 10%. Either email me after checking out and I will issue an invoice with the 10% or pay and I will refund the 10%.

A chronological history of Etsy Bloggers team:

06/27/07: The EtsyBloggers become an official Etsy street team!
(founded by the awesome GroovyVinyl)

07/27/07: The EtsyBloggers message board is created!

08/13/07: The EtsyBloggers Message Board opened for membership and the very first members signed up!

08/13/07: The website is launched!

Please stop by and support our members.