Saturday, January 3, 2009

Scrapping the Holidays

By the time the holidays are over, you may be feeling pretty overwhelmed… with pictures! Scrapbooking all of those memories may feel like a daunting task, but it can be done.

If you have a lot of photos to scrapbook, the easiest way to get them done quickly is by using clean and simple layouts. Instead of adding lots of embellishments and complicated side projects, let your photos speak for themselves.

To give your album a cohesive look, use a few main colors throughout each layout. This can also save you money. Simply buy a pack of cardstock for the background on each page, and then a few sheets of holiday themed paper and use it as accents and borders on your layouts.

Using simple fonts and titles will also save you time. You can create them on your computer and then print them. If you use one 12x12 piece of paper to make several titles, you will again be saving lots of money!

Another option is to buy premade kits. These can be found online as well as in your local scrapbook store. These usually contain several pieces of coordinating paper and embellishments. All you need to do is add your pictures and you’ll have several layouts completed.

Be sure to save wrapping paper, gift tags, cards from family and friends, as well as any other keepsake items, such as ticket stubs, your child’s letter to santa, the recipe for the cookies you made, etc. These items make easy embellishments and help tell the story of your holiday season.

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Woman Tribune said...

Great scrapbooking tips. I've always wanted to make a scrapbook but when it comes to arts and crafts of any kind, I can get a wee bit lazy or overwhelmed with the amount of work I come back to after the holidays.