Friday, January 9, 2009

Cool Lunch Ideas

Are your kids sick of eating the same old sandwiches for lunch? Here are some ideas for cool lunches your kids will love:

Fruit And Waffle Brunch

When it comes to lunch, think outside the box and pack your child a brunch instead. Simply heat some frozen waffles, cut into strips, and place into a container. If your child likes maple syrup, place that into a separate small container to avoid getting the waffles soggy.

Then, slice up your child’s favorite fruit (may have to put some lemon juice on top to avoid browning). Need a fun dip idea? Peanut butter makes a great dip for many types of fruit and is packed with protein.

Party Platter Kids

Mini love to eat snacks, so why not create a healthy lunch that looks like a big snack? To assemble, cube turkey or ham from the deli, slice up some cheese and don’t forget to add some mulit-grain crackers. Add in some baby carrots along with some celery and bell pepper slices and you have a great lunch!

Not Your Average Sandwich

Instead of using bread, make your child’s sandwich with a bagel. All you need to is spread each side with cream cheese and top with your favorite lunch meat. Add some veggies for extra credit.

Wrapped In Style

Why settle for a standard sandwich when you can wrap it in style? Your choices are limitless, as any sandwich can be turned into a wrap. For starters, here’s a quick and easy BLT wrap:

Spread some cream cheese on a whole wheat flour tortilla. Top with some sliced tomatoes, mixed salad greens, cooked and crumbled bacon, and some low fat ranch salad dressing. Roll the tortilla up tightly. To keep the wrap fresh, place some frozen juice boxes in a sealed plastic bag in the lunch box.

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Piggy said...

Great ideas! I love waffles :) I don't have kids but these ideas are just great for any adults as well :)