Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Learning to Fix the things that can be fixed and to leave the rest alone....

I'm learning about the things that can be improved a bit as well as learning the things that no amount of work will ever fix.

The good news is that the cafeteria where I go for rehab is wonderful! So I go to rehab at 11 and then lunch at 12! They have little healthy snacky things. Last week I bought a few of them for my lunch and brought home what I couldn't eat and I snacked on them for supper.

I was really happy to get out and about for a change and the people I encountered there were so very patient with me. Manoevering a walker around people is not so easy as it looks. hee heh

I had my tray on the seat of the walker and had picked up my hot dish and then had to wing it over to get a drink out of the cooler. Next I had to wing back to get a butterscotch pudding (took half home) and also my snacky (cheese, grapes and crackers). Got into line without wiping out any staff or patients. Whew- ee! Major mojo!!!

Uh-oh. I decided I wanted veggies and dip so winged back out of line and cut into where they were stored; whipped that old 4 wheeler around to get back into line. Kool!

Then I had to dig in my purse and get my money out. Cold sweat breaks out on my brow as I try to hold myself upright, not go whump! (an illness has left me with almost no balance), open zipper on purse, zip open the change thingy and dig out the money. Couldn't see the money. Dropped open purse. Sorry, sorry, sorry, oops. Grabbed a bill, only had 2, hoped it was the right one, didn't trust me to grab loonies (besides I needed a looney and a tooney to get home free from the parking lot). Whew. was the right bill. Accept change and hope it goes in the opening of the purse and not the holes in the basket of the walker. Whew again.

The angels are smiling on me today.

Appologize for being so slow and awkward. Everyone I've held up, nearly mowed down in th eprime of their lives, smiles kindly at me and tells me not to worry. I'm ok. Thankfully so are the people around me, all of them within at least 100 yards or so in all directions.

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