Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Keep on to the end of the road ...

Regional Contact, a tv program serving Ottawa, Ontario and its environs, televised a review of a retired high school teacher and artist, Ozborn Muma. Oz lives in Winchester. He has been an artist all of his life and credits art as the reason he has lived so long. He is in his 90's (at the time of airing).

He visits a local nursing home three times a week and often brings drawing puzzles for the residents to solve. The elements in the drawings are clues to solving the mystery. Needless to say, the residents look forward to his visits.

He likes to work in many different media. His portraits are magnificent. His art pieces fill the walls and surfaces (tables, etc.) of his home.

He said he would keep on creating art as long as he could keep on creating. During the interview he did just that, kept on working on a portrait. His work is full of lively details.

So far as I could discover, Oz does not have an internet presence.

In summing up his philosophy about art, Oz stated simply, "Art is truth".

May we all keep on creating as long as we can.

You go Oz!!!

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