Wednesday, April 18, 2007

From the Drawing Board This Week

Well I've been trying out coloured (colored) pencils a bit more this week and the results have been somewhat frustrating. For years I have painted on silk, which is very similar to watercolours but freer, looser in technique. The dyes flow freely and the biggest disadvantage is lack of control of where the dye flows to. Watercolour is a similar medium and I've completed about 14 projects in this medium over the last few months. (I'm waiting for the scanner to be hooked up before I can post images. The camera we purchased didn't have any way for images to be downloaded to the printer or the pc (guess what is going back to the shop???).

Anyway, I have used cp with the watercolours and enjoyed the effects achieved. I also really enjoy watercolour pencils. Do they count as cp?

I completed a cp portrait of my mother as a toddler. I gave this to my sister for her birthday. The portrait was done on drafting film. I put a cream coloured background sheet into the frame with it.

One of my main subject areas is animal portraits. I've been working on a couple of cat portraits in cp and found it very frustrating to say the least. These turn out wonderfully well in graphite. I'm beginning to feel as if I'll never get the effects I want from other mediums.

Why don't I work in silk?

Currently I just don't have the space to set up my equipment and no fan or ventilation area to pull the fumes of steaming the finished pieces when steaming them to set the dyes.

I won't give up though. I'll keep trying until I GET IT. :o)



PS: I've now added the coloured pencil drawing of a varigated tulip.

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