Monday, November 23, 2009

A Very Unique Kind of Christmas Sticker

Making cards and gift tags for the holidays is an annual event at our house. Sometimes it isn't easy coming up with new ideas. We like to surprise friends and family with a new theme or style and spend a lot of time debating what that will be before we actually sit down and get to crafting.

That's why when we were searching the web and nagging our friends for new ideas we were really excited to find these truly unique, at least to those of us in the west, glow in the dark stickers. Glow in the Dark Natto Chan Christmas Stickers

Now I'm a real fan of gadgety things and a sucker for glow in the dark anything so these stickers had me sold right off the bat. But they also feature a little anime type character that is part of the Kawaii fad in Japan. It is Natto Chan by Crux. Natto Chan and his friends are fermented soybeans (a Japanese delicacy). Yep, these happy little soybeans are cavorting around wearing Santa caps and other assorted Christmas or Yuletide themes.

So Kawaii. So unique. So Now!!!

I'll be pasting these stickers onto my holiday cards and gift tags as well as my parcels for posting. I'd like to see the face of the postal clerk when he/she sees the glowing Santa Soybean!!! (rofl)

A limited supply of the glow in the dark Natto Chan Christmas stickers are available by clicking on the link above.

Order early.  Order right now. They ship from Canada and may take longer than you think is normal if they must cross the border at US customs.

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