Thursday, November 12, 2009

James Kavanaugh (There Are Men Too Gentle to Live Among Wolves)

"I played God today
And it was fun!
I made animals that men had never seen
So they would stop and scratch their heads
Instead of scowling.
I made words that men had never heard
So they would stop and stare at me
Instead of running.
And I made love that laughed
So men would giggle like children
Instead of sighing.
Tomorrow, perhaps, I won't be God
And you will know it
Because you won't see any three-headed cats
Or bushes with bells on...
I wish I could always play God
So that lonely men could laugh!"


Anonymous said...

Great Poet. Happens to be my Godfather. He wrote the crooked lil angel for my bro and me. But I suspect he tells all the cousins it is for each of us!

MauB said...

How lucky you are. He is indeed a Great Poet! His works speak to me like few others.