Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spring is coming

Today the sun is shining and the temperature is 1 degree celsius. Not that warm really but oh it does feel like spring!

I've been working on several projects this week trying to get caught up before Easter. As Easter is early this year I'm burning the midnight candles. The pain in my legs has also been bad and has kept me from sleeping so having the projects to do helps to distract me from the pain.

Finished my butterfly and turquoise necklace last night. It has the tiniest little metal butterflies black seed beads, silver lined crystal seed beads, turquoise coloured bicones, clear bicones, silver lined bugles and turquoise coloured cat's eye balls. The butterflies are silver coloured and burnished with black. It has plenty of bling to it. It would be gorgeous as either daytime or nighttime wear.

Sally was very interested and was watching me closely as I beaded away. As I put the finishing touches on my iridescent ebead and butterfly necklace she came right over and was raising her paw to 'help me out' when I screeched. She also thought it might be fun to sit on my bead tray! LOL! This is a cat who won't sit on anyone's lap. Right!

I spent 3 hours working on a colonial fashion doll outfit (Barbie (C)tm). It is a pale dark blue. I want to say dusty blue. I finished the overskirt and crocheted a white picot edging around it. Still to go are the arms, neckline, underskirt and slip.

On the drawing board is a yorkie puppy. A lovely lady wearing a bright pink bow in ther forelocks. Charmed!

I've been exploring all the wonderful shops and people on We Love Etsy. What a talented group!

Keep on Crafting!


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