Saturday, August 15, 2009

Doll House Miniature Vintage Quilt Rack Awesome!

You were given fair warning! This is your last chance. If you don't click your way over to this Vintage Etsy Seller's shop right now and buy this precious miniature quilt rack for your collection you may miss out and forever may you hold your peace!

Here is the link: Vintage Quilt Rack

I promised to blog about this delightful item yesterday. It has been another humid scorcher in southeastern Ontario. I've been feeling a bit of heat exhaustion and had to resort to keeping my head in a basin of icy cold water most of the day. But I really wanted to tell you about this.

It is simply the cutest little Quilt Rack you will ever see. Stained a dark walnut and has a little boy painted on one end and a little girl on the other end. It comes complete with quilts and would be absolutely perfect in your minis bedroom or their guest room.

The loving care and attention to detail on this folk art piece shows in every centimetre, stitch and brushstroke. It is a piece you can feel proud to own and treasure for years. If you have anyone on your gift list who collects and loves miniatures then this ooak item is sure to be a unique gift they will love.

By the way, did you notice I said walnut stain? Have you noticed that my daughter is painting her pieces walnut? Do you feel my hot breath hovering over the add to cart button? So what are you waiting for? Go Look! Go buy! Take advantage of me while I go stick my head back in the basin of ice water.

For the love of minis ... GO!!! Quilt Rack

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