Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Etsy Bloggers !st Anniversary Sale

For 5 days only -- until the 17th of August 2008 - participating members of the Etsy Bloggers Team are celebrating the event with a sale. For a list of participating shops please follow this link:

Items in my shop are all reduced by 10%. Either email me after checking out and I will issue an invoice with the 10% or pay and I will refund the 10%.

A chronological history of Etsy Bloggers team:

06/27/07: The EtsyBloggers become an official Etsy street team!
(founded by the awesome GroovyVinyl)

07/27/07: The EtsyBloggers message board is created!

08/13/07: The EtsyBloggers Message Board opened for membership and the very first members signed up!

08/13/07: The website is launched!

Please stop by and support our members.

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