Thursday, June 19, 2008

Etsy Bloggers - Featured Blogger of the Month Alicia Mae

June is just flipping by way too fast! It's been a crazy one for me. I've had pain management issues too which does not help. So with appologies to my fellow bloggers and to Alicia Mae especially, here is my feature for the Etsy Blogger of the Month.

Please familiarize yourself with our featured Etsy Blogger of the Month. Alicia Mae's Blog can be found here: . Alicia Mae is also on MySpace

She is planning a move in July and would like to clear out her inventory and stash prior to her move. If you're a crafter or know crafters you know how deep a stash can get and how many truckloads needed to haul all that stuff to a new location. So if you can please visit her Etsy shop or her web site and take advantage of her moving day sales. Hurry!

She says,

Woodburning was passed down to me from my Mom and I have always had an affinity for paint. Cross stitching was a hobby when I was a teenager and bracelet weaving was a summer camp hobby that brings back nostalgic memories. I used to play with polymer clay and always enjoyed the miniatures my aunt made for herself. Given that information, I have about 20 years experience in making these items, but am constantly expanding my horizons. :)

Visit her at and too!

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