Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Etsians on Review - Invoke Photography

This is the second in my series Etsians on Review. I would like to introduce you to Invoke Photography. Invoke Photography is the shop belonging to one of Southhampton Creations' two daughters.

Born and raised in Cambridge, Ontario, Invoke graduated from the University of Guelph. Travelling to Japan she learned to express her thoughts and feelings through the lens.

Her first exhibition, Japanese Soul, premiered in Tokyo in 2001 to rave reviews. It embodied the traditions of spiritualism and the aesthetic that is Japanese. The exhibit has shown in Toronto, Windsor, Cambridge, Ontario and Vancouver, B.C.

She has won a number of awards including, first prize in the Leamington Art Center's Anything's Possible photo contest and the Editor's Choice Award from The International Society of Photographers. Two of her photographs were chosen to be published in a book called "Endless Journeys".

Of her work, this is what she has to say,

Life stands still when I look through my lens; it is a form of meditation for me. Photography is my way of celebrating the beauty I see in the world and allows me to capture it moment by moment. I feel that my images speak where words fail me. I take pictures that move and inspire me… I hope they invoke as deep a response in my viewers as they did in me when I captured them.

Her work does indeed invoke a deep response in the viewer. I find many of her photos stir within me a sense of peace, of stillness of the calm beauty that surrounds us. As a Reiki master, I meditate daily. Any of these images could serve as a place to go when I go within to seek the healing pool of calm that is the centre of this universe.

Do please visit Invoke Photography on Etsy. You will not be disappointed.

Visit Invoke Photography  on Etsy

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